Supporting people with a wide range of disabilities

Airedale Hospital supports people with a wide range of disabilities including people who have more complex support needs.

If you are coming into the hospital for a planned operation or procedure, we can help make sure your needs are met.

We offer a flexible approach to help you prepare for coming into hospital, for example, what to expect on the day of your procedure and after you go home.

Your family members, carers, support workers or any other professionals can request that the hospital process is adapted to your specific needs, this is called making reasonable adjustments.

Please contact the Pre op assessment team if you have any questions on 01535 292319 who will direct you to the correct person to help you.

Some people with a learning disability can find it harder to use healthcare services.

You can ask doctors, nurses, and healthcare staff to make things easier for you.

Before coming into hospital, you may need to explain about your learning disability to the pre-op assessment team.

Show them your doctor’s letter or hospital passport. It’s okay to remind people to look at it.

Tell them if you need help or are finding something hard, for example, I have a learning disability and need to bring someone to my appointment. The staff may talk to your family, carers, or support workers as well as to you.

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